Test-drive VMware Horizon!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I finished building a lab guide in a brand new VMware Horizon 6 Demo Environment with the single purpose of enabling our field and partners to deliver state of the art awesome demos!


The guided walkthrough will include RDS Hosted Applications, RDS Session Based Desktops, Windows 7 & 8.1 (vSGA NVIDIA Accelerated) VDI Desktops, ThinApps and SaaS apps all delivered through the VMware Unified Workspace for anytime, anyplace and anywhere access, but that’s not all, 3D modelling, vCOPS for Horizon, Read-Only access to the Horizon View administrator and shortcuts to the Hands-On-Labs are in here too!


We are also extremely grateful to have this environment hosted out of the VMware data centers in San Jose, CA and Dallas, TX which we had optimized for user experience, everything has been built for performance first and no compromise!


Use the link below to access the user guide and request your 30 day demo account and start blowing away the competition!



I’m also currently working with VMware to bring you persistent VDI desktops and some other top-secret features too, along with usage and opportunity reporting included in the portal dashboards so stay tuned for more updates!


All the best,


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My Top Picks @ VMworld 2014!

Every year I post my top pics to attend at VMworld below are my top pics and my schedule.  See you there:

“GS-MON — General Session – Monday” “8/25/14” “9:00 AM” “8/25/14” “10:30 AM” “Moscone North, Hall D”

“ELW-MBL-1457 — AirWatch Workshop” “8/25/14” “11:00 AM” “8/25/14” “12:30 PM” “Expert-led Workshop 1, Moscone South, Esplanade Ballroom”

“EUC2151 — Where is Mobile Application Management Headed?” “8/25/14” “1:00 PM” “8/25/14” “2:00 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2024”

“NET1786 — The Business Case for Network Virtualization” “8/25/14” “2:30 PM” “8/25/14” “3:30 PM” “Moscone West, Room 3012”

“EUC2129 — Secure Content Collaboration with AirWatch” “8/25/14” “4:00 PM” “8/25/14” “5:00 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2024”

“SDDC1176 — Ask the Expert vBloggers” “8/25/14” “5:30 PM” “8/25/14” “6:30 PM” “Marriott, Yerba Buena Level, Salon 7”

“GS-TUE — General Session – Tuesday” “8/26/14” “9:00 AM” “8/26/14” “10:30 AM” “Moscone North, Hall D”

“INF1212 — Best Practices in Virtualizing Remote Offices and Branch Offices with VMware” “8/26/14” “11:00 AM” “8/26/14” “12:00 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2002”

“NET1966 — Operational Best Practices for VMware NSX” “8/26/14” “5:00 PM” “8/26/14” “6:00 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2002”

“NET1401 — vSphere Distributed Switch Best Practices for NSX” “8/27/14” “8:00 AM” “8/27/14” “9:00 AM” “Moscone West, Room 3014”

“NET1581 — Reference Design for SDDC with NSX for Multi-Hypervisors (NSX-MH)” “8/27/14” “9:30 AM” “8/27/14” “10:30 AM” “Moscone West, Room 2014”

“EUC1727 — Technical Deep Dive on Delivering Shared Sessions, Apps, and Virtual Desktops from the Cloud with Horizon DaaS.” “8/27/14” “11:00 AM” “8/27/14” “12:00 PM” “Moscone West, Room 3002”

“HBC2638 — Ten Vital Best Practices for Effective Hybrid Cloud Security” “8/27/14” “2:30 PM” “8/27/14” “3:30 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2016”

“EUC1258 — From the Fire Hose Series: 3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown” “8/27/14” “3:30 PM” “8/27/14” “4:30 PM” “Moscone West, Room 3003”

“GS-THU — General Session – Thursday” “8/28/14” “9:00 AM” “8/28/14” “10:00 AM” “Moscone North, Hall D”

“EUC2040 — Horizon Suite: Customer Reference Implementation – Car Manufacturing” “8/28/14” “10:30 AM” “8/28/14” “11:30 AM” “Moscone West, Room 3001”

“EUC2027 — Characterise Performance in Horizon 6.0” “8/28/14” “12:00 PM” “8/28/14” “1:00 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2002”

“OPT1812 — Delivering IT as a Service with vCloud Automation Center and a Software-Defined Strategy” “8/28/14” “1:30 PM” “8/28/14” “2:30 PM” “Moscone West, Room 2002”