Continuent Tungsten

Continuent Tungsten Feature Matrix:




High Availability
Maintain continuous connectivity during database maintenance or failover √ 
Automatic failover that replaces a failed local master within seconds √ 
Manages seamless integration of failed nodes when corrected and available √ 

Multi-master, Multi-site
Deploy DB clusters across data centers or AWS regions
Global real-time transaction processing between clusters and individual DBMS servers
Real-time data aggregation of reporting data by replicating from multiple locations into a single database server without the need for data transformations

Disaster Recovery (DR)
Protects against a site failure with easy-to-manage DR and failover

Online Maintenance
Perform database maintenance and application upgrades without service interruptions
Run large deployments with fewer DBA resources, resulting in significant cost savings

Transparent load balancing operations across read slaves, reducing master load
Five (5) times faster than native MySQL replication

Cloud Operations
Deploy Continuent Tungsten clusters in the Amazon cloud with a single command
Augment your existing individual or clustered DBMS with a failover DR cluster in AWS
Create DB clusters reaching over AWS Regions and Availability Zones


MySQL Replication
Replication from MySQL to MySQL
5X faster than native MySQL replication
Global transaction IDs
Heartbeat and flush events
Transaction filtering
Time delay replication
Cross-version/cross-platform replication
Automated consistency checks
Multi-master replication

Oracle Replication
Replication from MySQL to Oracle  
Replication from Oracle to MySQL  
Replication from Oracle to Oracle  

Replication with Big Data
Replicate data in real-time from MySQL and Oracle to Hadoop
Replication from MySQL to Vertica
Publish data in real-time from SQL to NoSQL, such as MongoDB
Scale manageable data volumes to >50TB through arrays of DB clusters