VMware Horizon FLEX is sold in packs of 10 perpetual licenses and is licensed per device. VMware Horizon FLEX upgrades require a minimum of 10 individual licenses and is licensed per device.





To summarize VMware Horizon FLEX it simply leverages Fusion Pro for Mac and VMware Player Pro for PC.  As well as Mirage for image backup and patching the virtual Windows desktop.


With Horizon FLEX, IT administrators can provide Windows virtual desktops to end users in a self-service manner. Use of the containerized desktops is governed by policies that are defined centrally and can be updated dynamically. IT administrators entitle users to the desktops they need based on their roles and groups as defined in Active Directory.

End-users can receive containerized desktops in one of three ways:

  • Download on-demand over the corporate network. Users simply enter their credentials in the Horizon FLEX clients and see a list of virtual desktops available to them.
  • Via courier on a USB key or portable hard-drive
  • IT helpdesk provides the desktop to their PC or Mac via a desk-side visit

Once the virtual desktop is downloaded or copied to the end users’ computer, they will have access to a full desktop environment with access to corporate applications. The virtual desktop policies sync regularly with the Horizon FLEX server and will allow IT admins to remain in control.
Reference: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/products/horizon-flex/vmware-horizon-flex-faq.pdf