Microsoft License Mobility

How to Bring Your Own Microsoft License to vCloud Air:

Many customers moving critical workloads into VMware vCloud Air want to utilize existing software licenses for these workloads. Although Microsoft Windows Server operating systems and applications have different licensing requirements, you may bring most Microsoft applications to vCloud Air, as long as you adhere to your Microsoft licensing terms.

Licensing Options for Microsoft Applications

Because VMware is an Authorized Mobility Partner, you can take advantage of the Microsoft License Mobility through Microsoft Software Assurance program to bring your licenses for eligible server applications to VMware vCloud Air – without any additional software license fees or mobility fees. License Mobility is available to Volume Licensing customers with eligible server applications covered by active Software Assurance contracts.

These Microsoft applications are currently eligible for License Mobility through Software Assurance:
• Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition
• Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition
• Microsoft SharePoint Server
• Microsoft Exchange Server
• Microsoft Lync Server

For more information on application eligibility for License Mobility, review Microsoft’s Product Use Rights – Appendix “Software Assurance Benefits.”

Licensing Options for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008

Although Microsoft authorizes customers with Volume License Agreements and Software Assurance to move most server-based applications to vCloud Air, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 are currently not eligible for License Mobility. Your licensing options for Windows Server will depend on what type of vCloud Air configuration you select.

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud: Microsoft requires all customers on multi-tenant public cloud environments such as vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud to purchase Windows Server licenses from the cloud service provider. If you import a Virtual Machine or vApp into vCloud Air, VMware will automatically detect the presence of Windows Server and will bill you the standard rate for running Windows Server on vCloud Hybrid Service, in compliance with the VMware Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). If you host your workloads on vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud, you will authenticate your Windows Server instances against VMware’s Key Management Server; this enables you to re-purpose the license keys of the instances you imported for other on-premise workloads.

vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud: vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud provides a single-tenant private cloud with physically isolated compute, a dedicated cloud management stack, and logically isolated networking and storage, so it can be considered a dedicated server from a licensing perspective. Microsoft allows customers to move a Windows Server license to a dedicated server (See: Product Use Rights – Outsourcing Software Management). You may also purchase your Windows Server Licenses through the catalog for vCloud Air on a subscription basis.

Additional Licensing Flexibility for vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud Customers

Since running an application on vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud is considered similar from a Microsoft licensing perspective to remotely hosting on a dedicated server, Dedicated Cloud customers may also have the option to transfer server/CPU-based licensing to vCloud Air.

VMware recommends that you review your Microsoft licensing agreements, or check with your Microsoft account representative or reseller, to identify and understand your licensing options and limitations.

Requesting License Mobility from Microsoft

To activate License Mobility, you must submit a license verification form, and have Microsoft confirm eligibility for License Mobility. The license verification form must be submitted to whichever entity sold you Software Assurance – Microsoft or your reseller – within 10 days of deployment to the hybrid cloud. (See: Document Search – Choose License Verification, Common Document). Microsoft will verify your eligibility and notify you of your status.

Restrictions and Limitations on License Mobility

• Client Access Licenses: Where applicable, customers need to maintain appropriate Client Access Licenses with Software Assurance in their Volume Licensing agreement to access the application servers.
• No Short-term Deployment: Microsoft licenses must be assigned to authorized cloud environments such as VMware

vCloud Hybrid Service for a minimum of 90 days. Instances running under a particular license must run in a single server farm, as defined by the Microsoft Products Use Rights (PUR).

For more information on the Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program, visit the Microsoft license mobility page or download the License Mobility Customer Verification Guide.

vCloud Air customers are responsible for complying with all their software vendors’ licensing terms and policies, including Microsoft’s.