ThinApp can be purchased as part of the ThinApp Suite, Workspace Portal, Mirage, or as part of the Horizon Editions.

  • The ThinApp Suite contains the ThinApp Packager, 1 license of Workstation for Windows for creating clean packages, plus 50 client licenses.
  • Additional client licenses can be purchased per license in increments of 100.

Note: If you need to license between 50-100 named users you may want to purchase Workspace Portal in increments of 10 which includes ThinApp.


ThinApp is an agentless application virtualization solution that isolates applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline application delivery and management. ThinApp virtualizes applications by encapsulating application files and registry into a single ThinApp package that can be deployed, managed and updated independently from the underlying operating system (OS). The virtualized applications do not make any changes to the underlying OS and execute across different configurations for compatibility, consistent enduser experiences and ease of management.

For example, you could use ThinApp to migrate legacy applications such as Internet Explorer 6 to 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 systems.

Eliminate application conflicts – Isolate desktop applications from each other and from the underlying OS to avoid conflicts. For example, you can run Internet Explorer 6 seamlessly on Windows 7 alongside newer IE browsers.
Consolidate Session-based servers – Enable application streaming with user personalization to the ‘compute’ layer execute on Microsoft RDSH or Citrix XenApp servers.
Reduce storage costs – Leverage ThinApp as a component of the Horizon Suite to reduce storage costs and streamline updates to endpoints.
Augment security policies – Deploy ThinApp packages on “locked-down” PCs and allow end users to run their favorite applications without compromising security.
Increase mobility for end users – Deploy, maintain and update virtualized applications on USB flash drives for ultimate portability