VSPEX BLUE gives you a single appliance with compute, memory, and storage all converged. EMC VSPEX BLUE through VMware EVO:RAIL management engine delivers a new, simplified, management experience that abstracts complexity and automates administrative tasks. An intuitive management dashboard drives day-to-day operations addressing the requirements of both non-technical and technical VMware power users. Minimal IT experience is required to deploy, configure and manage EMC VSPEX BLUE, allowing it to be used where there is limited or no IT staff on-site. For power users, all vCenter and vSphere interfaces and APIs are still in place enabling integration with existing management systems. VMware EVO:RAIL management provides health monitoring of CPU, memory, storage and VM usage for individual nodes, complete appliances and the entire cluster. It streamlines log collection, provides notifications and tracks tasks, handles licensing and offers language choice for globalization.

You can start small with one 2U/4-node appliance and add as many as three additional appliances – up to a total of four – quickly and effortlessly.

EMC VSPEX BLUE dramatically lowers risk and speed time to production, enabling customers to go from power-on to VM creation in 15 minutes.





Specs: https://www.emc.com/collateral/data-sheet/h13764-emc-vspex-blue-ds.pdf 

Learn More: https://www.emc.com/cloud/vspex/products.htm